Our immersion programs create opportunities for aspiring change-makers and innovators to work together with communities to pool their skills, knowledge and abilities to solve real world challenges. We connect you with local, inspiring social entrepreneurs and local communities to design solutions and test ideas that create social impact.


Bootcamps are intensive two week design-driven programs in Cambodia for skilled professionals, career changers and career breakers as well as university graduates/post-graduates. Our hands-on, bootcamps take you through a guided process where you will explore how human-centered design can help identify root causes, reframe problems and co-create innovative solutions for complex challenges faced by communities in Cambodia.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

As part of our Immersion Program we currently offer two Bootcamps:

Design in Development Bootcamp

The Design in Development Bootcamp sets a challenge that the team will work on in the field over a period of two weeks. We are currently taking applications for our June program that will focus on developing agricultural income generating opportunities for people living with disabilities in Cambodia. The Design in Development Bootcamp challenges change depending on the identified need and are generally open applications but can also be tailored depending on the needs of a specific group.

Social Business Bootcamp

The Social Business Bootcamp is designed to harness the design and enterprise knowledge of participants and work collaboratively with local partner organisations to strengthen their social business/enterprise capacity. The Social Business Bootcamp includes witness sessions with local social entrepreneurs and social innovators, as well as design and strategy days where potential solutions are prototyped around an identified constraint experienced by the local partner. The group will then work with them to redefine, ideate and design new potential strategies and solutions. Social Business Bootcamps will give you the opportunity to absorb new cultural and business perspectives as well as support capacity building for local organizations.


Design thinking_

We employ a design-thinking methodology; ensuring that our work is human-centred and community focused is at the heart of our work. Design thinking provides us with a platform for engagement to co-create an understanding of the problems faced by Cambodians, co-develop potential solutions, co-test and finally validate solutions.

Whole-systems thinking_

“You can’t solve problems with the same thinking that created those problems.”

– Albert Einstein

Understanding the dynamics of systems is integral to Agile’s work. Whole-systems view is critical to good systems design and can lead to a far more strategic way of revealing the interconnections between problems and multiple solutions.

Unique facilitation_

We collaborate with businesses, global NGOs, local charities and local people to formulate and implement a series of community-based interventions. We have a proven ability in facilitating interdisciplinary problem-solving sessions with community groups as well as clients.


We are a strategic design and international development consultancy based in Cambodia. We specialise in applying design thinking to complex social initiatives that transform markets and communities.With a background in design thinking, social enterprise development, international development and business, we are a trusted intermediary and link between communities, businesses and NGO’s. We value high quality learning and knowledge exchange that is community relevant and supports growth, opportunity and innovation. Agile are experienced in running immersive design trips throughout Cambodia.


If you are a skilled professional, career changer, career breaker, aspiring social entrepreneur, social innovator, designer, tinkerer, do-it-yourselfer or change maker, interested in creating social impact and gaining a global perspective then one of our Bootcamps may be for you. If you want to gain hands-on experience in sustainable community development and design thinking, then get in touch.


As a country still recovering from its turbulent and tragic past, Cambodia remains one of the poorest nations in Southeast Asia. Somewhere between 1 and 3 million people – one in four Cambodians – were killed between 1975 and 1979 during the Khmer Rouge regime. During this time the country’s economy and social structures were devastated. More than four out of five Cambodians (80.5%) live in rural areas and have limited access to basic healthcare, safe drinking water and sanitation, and their life expectancy is one of the lowest in the world.


Arrive. Arrive in Phnom Penh and check in to House Boutique, Cambodia’s Khmer owned social, sustainable hotel.

Meet. Orientation afternoon. Gain an understanding of Cambodian language, culture and customs.

Workshops. We make sure that you are well equipped to participate in meaningful engagement and dialogue through a design thinking workshop based on a series of steps: Empathy, Definition, Ideation, Prototyping and Testing.

Hear/Interact. Meet a local Khmer social business owner and listen to the challenges they face in running their businesses.

Design. Work together to ideate and sketch out ideas and solutions to the challenges.

Present. Present designs back to social business owners.

Test/Iterate. Depending on our project partner this can range from testing sales and market strategies to building and prototyping new innovations.

Explore. Relax and discover the local area, this may include visiting ancient temples, pristine beaches and untouched jungles.

Field Immersion. We will take you through a community centred design approach to gain knowledge about the community by field immersion, develop empathic relations with its members; to design with and for the community, developing tools to enable the co-design of new solutions coherent with the context and allowing non-designers to apply their knowledge and professional skills to the issues.