Project Summary

Digi-Skills ( Digital Up-Skills for Women with Disabilities and Disability Social Enterprises) aims to overcome the digital-divide and give women with disabilities, and the organisations that support them the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to safely join the digital world.

The Challenges

Increased digitisation has the potential to either exacerbate or address the vulnerability of people with disabilities. The exclusion and marginalisation of people with disabilities is both a human rights issue and an economic issue. Digital technologies present the opportunity to break down traditional barriers to communication, interaction and access to information, creating opportunities to access new employment opportunities and build sustainable SMEs. Yet, currently people with disabilities are less likely to access the internet and less likely to engage in a wide range of activities online. As Cambodia moves towards a digital economy it is vital they have the skills, confidence and knowledge to access the digital work safely. 

Our Solution: Digi-Skills!

Agile has developed a series of 3 workshops to accommodate the various levels of digital literacy among women entrepreneurs with disabilities and employees of disability social enterprises.


Workshop A – Introduction:  Basic ICT suited to the Cambodian context including: setting up an email account, facebook for business, zoom functionalities, basic photography and videography.


Workshop B – Intermediate:  Collaborative / free to use ICT including the Google Suite, Advanced Zoom Functionalities, Facebook advertising and promotion etc


Workshop C – Advanced: Introduction to free to use project management programs e.g. Slack, Asaka and accounting software e.g. wave as well as formal communication for business etc.

Each workshop will also cover soft skill development such as: how to communicate and stay safe online while also supporting soft skill development of financial literacy, confidence, advocacy, leadership, management. 


Workshops will be facilitated by Agile staff in person or online (depending on the COVID-19 situation) and be followed by 6 weeks of online mentoring to support skills uptake and confidence levels. 


To learn more please contact Agile.

Women with disabilities learn to Amplifying their voices

Project Funded

DAI with the support of USAID

Project Targets

Women Entrepreneurs with Disabilities, Employees of Disability Social Enterprises

Project Area

Phnom Penh