We create products to provide opportunities for people with disabilities. We take a human-centred approach, led by people with disabilities and supported by talented engineers and other experts. Our design-process focuses on rapid product ideation, experimentation through prototyping and continuous customer testing.


Mobilituk provides accessible transport solutions for locals and visitors with physical disabilities in Cambodia. Mobilituk is the first tuk-tuk equipped with a rear-ramp-loading service and adjustable seating, enabling the transportation of a standard wheelchair as well as two other passengers. As a result, people with physical disabilities can travel safely, comfortably and independently around Cambodia.


The Powerwheel motorises manual wheelchairs, providing independence to those in wheelchairs. The Powerwheel is an electric, and therefore rechargeable, attachment to a manual wheelchair. The maximum speed is 20mph with a battery life of 120 miles or 6 hours.


We are the local 3D hand printer for the Victoria Hand Project (VHP). VHP is a not-for-profit organization that provides low-cost, upper-limb prosthetics to patients in developing countries where there are high rates of amputees with poor access to prosthetic care.


SmartTuk provides employment opportunities for women with disabilities by creating a tuk tuk that those with lower limb impairments can drive. Smart Tuk is a clean energy transport alternative that reduces carbon emissions by using LPG, and will incorporate an onboarding process providing a loan, financial training, and driver and safety training.


Cricket House is a solar-powered cricket incubation kit providing inclusive income-generation opportunities for farmers. Our unique & low-cost solution produces significantly higher yields than traditional methods. We have created a smaller, modular design that utlises solar energy to power a control system, regulating temperature and moisture thereby reducing mortality rates.